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Nursing Student Wins Fulbright Award

Nursing Student Wins Fulbright Award

Published: April 23, 2013

Nursing student Christopher Nelson has received a Fulbright award, making him UW Bothell's second awardee in the span of three weeks. He will pursue a master’s degree in Denmark while conducting research on the expanded scope of nursing work in isolated Arctic settlements in Greenland.  Before he begins his studies in Denmark, Nelson will travel to Greenland to present his spring and summer quarter research findings funded by his 2013 Mary Gates Venture scholarship.

Nelson, who came to UW Bothell as an RN, says he is honored and thrilled to represent the university as a Fulbright Scholar, “As an RN, coming to UW Bothell to complete my bachelors of science in nursing was the key to winning the Fulbright,” he says. “The intensive training in theory, ethics, and scholarly writing that I engaged in as part of my UW Bothell bachelor’s degree gave me the foundation to dream of international study and research."

Nelson will pursue his masters of Circumpolar Health and Wellbeing through the University of the Arctic Consortium.

Christopher Nelson