Building opportunities to connect 

William Langevin, assistant director of annual giving, talks about his work in the Office of Advancement and the upcoming Husky Giving Day.

Q. What is the core of your work? 

A. The core part of my work centers on building opportunities for folks to connect to UW Bothell in ways that are most meaningful to them. I predominantly work with donors, alumni, faculty and staff to figure out what type of impact they are interested in making and how we can leverage philanthropic support to drive this impact together.  

I also work alongside other colleagues in University Advancement to reimagine the ways our campus can speak to the realities of recent graduates and friends of the University and can frame contributions the UW makes to addressing issues facing communities beyond campus. 

Q. What are you working on today?  

A. I am currently in the thick of Husky Giving Day planning. Most nonprofits today leverage “days of giving” as opportunities to expand and highlight the collective impact of community-based fundraising efforts. I am working with leads across campus to promote their priorities and design a communication strategy for Husky Giving Day — which is coming up on April 4 — that shares the tangible impact each gift has throughout our campus. 

Q. How does who you are show up in your work? 

A. Generosity, community and justice are all foundational values to me inside and outside of work. I appreciate that my work in Advancement allows me to integrate these values into what I do when I show up to work. I also appreciate how these values and core elements of who I am show up in the conversations I have with community members who support the campus. 

I try to remind myself to pause and appreciate that I work for an institution committed to leveraging the collective generosity of our community to provide educational opportunities for historically underrepresented students — and to inspire other institutions to do the same. 

Q. Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?  

A. I really enjoy the main stairs in Founders Hall (UW1)! I do not particularly enjoy the act of climbing three flights of stairs, but I love looking out at the wetland. This is a reminder of the way our campus continues to do the work necessary to repair the damage done by the colonization of this land and the damage settler communities did to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Q. What do you like about working on a college campus?

A. I value continued growth and discovery, and I appreciate working on a college campus that feels anchored in these values. The students on our campus are constantly growing and discovering new things that will ultimately lead to positive change in the world. I appreciate learning and growing alongside these students at this stage of my career. 

Q. How does your role support students’ success?

A. Philanthropic support is a critical piece of how students on our campus are supported throughout their educational journey. As I noted earlier, I work with philanthropic alumni, donors, faculty and staff to align private support with student resources on campus. These resources provide opportunities for students to get support inside and outside of the classroom and to thrive in their academic pursuits. 

Q. What keeps your work fresh and interesting? 

A. In my role, I meet with existing and prospective donors to hear about their lives, interests and their experiences with UW Bothell, and to learn what impact they wish to participate in making on our campus. As an extrovert, I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and take a break from talking to listen and get inspired by others. 

People are fascinating, and I enjoy the times when I simply get to embrace curiosity and see where the passions of individuals align with our community priorities — and ultimately transform the educational opportunities offered at UW Bothell. 

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