Back in community: Autumn 2021

The Pack is Back! After 18 months of remote learning, University of Washington Bothell faculty and staff welcomed students back to campus with time-honored traditions we missed in 2020 and an event that commemorated the year that was. Here is a glimpse into the exciting first days of autumn quarter.

Move-in Day

A male student holding a key

Getting the key to life on campus and a successful academic career at UW Bothell.

Residents checking in at the reception desk on Move-in Day

New residents check in on Move-in Day before checking out the rest of the campus.

New residents and parents moving things

✓ Laptop. ✓ Linens.✓ Coffee cups. ✓ Well-wishes from family and friends as students converged on Husky Village on Move-in Day.


Students walking into Convocation

Students were the stars of Convocation, a formal academic ceremony at the start of autumn quarter each academic year.

The crowd attending Convocation

A record number of new first-year and transfer students participated in the 2021 Convocation, which featured welcoming remarks from the chancellor and inspiring speeches from campus leaders.

A female student putting a pin on jacket

The pinning of the UW Bothell pin marked the end of Convocation, the start of the school year — and the beginning of new friendships.

Faculty standing and clapping for students
Faculty clapping for students as they walk by
Students standing in a circle on the field around the W

Faculty and campus leaders cheered on new students as they made their way to the athletic field for the traditional photo around the W.

Decorating challenge

Offices and departments across campus brought out their best to greet new and returning Dawgs when they arrived on the first day of autumn quarter.

Husky Hall
Husky Hall
Facilities office
Activities & Recreation Center
STEM Graduate Advising office
Student Success Center
School of Nursing & Health Studies

Remembrance event

Students, staff, faculty and leadership from UW Bothell and Cascadia College gathered for a Campus Remembrance Event on Oct. 5. Attendees chose a rock to carry as we were guided through a brief reflection. Collectively, we honored the losses of the past 20 months — and held the hope and joy for our future. Together, we will create a path forward.

event attendees standing on the plaza during the event
Rosemary Simmons, director of Counseling, Health & Wellness speaking on stage

Rosemary Simmons, director of Counseling, Health & Wellness.

UW Bothell Chancellor Kristin Esterberg and Cascadia College President Eric Murray under an umbrella observing the event

UW Bothell Chancellor Kristin Esterberg and Cascadia College President Eric Murray.

two attendees holding their rocks
One attendee looking down at their rock
another attendee looking down at their rock

Remembrance Rock Garden

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the UW Bothell and Cascadia College community will install a Remembrance Rock Garden to memorialize the past 20 months. It will be displayed throughout fall quarter on The Promenade as a place to make connections, to have a moment of silence or simply to admire the spirit of our community. The Social Justice Organizers and HEROs (Health Educators Reaching Out) hosted rock painting workshops, and community members are also invited to bring a rock from home for the rock garden dedication ceremony.

attendee painting a rock amid decorations
another attendee painting their rock
event organizers at the event check-in table

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