A look back at 2020: Moments to remember

A look back at 2020: Moments to remember

As the University of Washington Bothell marks the end of its 30th anniversary — a year shaped by a pandemic, social justice protests, smothering wildfires and an election season like no other — we share these 30 images that capture, just in part, the unwavering dedication and hard work of our campus community.

See some of our top stories from 2020 in this month-by-month collection.

Ariel photo of UW Bothell's campus

A more quiet-than-usual aerial shot of the University of Washington Bothell campus. Photo by Kristian Gorman.

Avery Montes De Oca wearing a mask, goggles, and scrubs

In 2020, registered nurse Avery Montes De Oca worked with COVID-19 patients in Kirkland and New York City — and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Photo courtesy of Avery Montes De Oca.

Stefanie wearing a mask

Stefanie Iverson Cabral, assistant teaching professor in the School of Nursing & Health Studies, wore a mask from the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, which had a “Spit Spreads Death” exhibit about the 1918 influenza pandemic. Photo courtesy of Stefanie Iverson Cabral.

Anibal wearing a mask and gloves

Even with few people on campus, Anibal Basilio, custodian supervisor, worked with his staff to constantly disinfect high touchpoint areas such as doorknobs, tables, chairs and computers. Photo by Marc Studer.

Jesus wearing a virtual reality head set

Jesus Govela, a member of the XR Club, wore VR goggles and a mask at the Makerspace for a video shoot featuring the club. Photo by Marc Studer.

3 students work together in the field

Partners in a Population Health Equity Research Grant took soil samples at a community garden for a project directed by Melanie Malone, assistant professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. Photo by Marc Studer.

Kira looks through binoculars in the wetlands

Kira Lemke, a sophomore majoring in Biology, surveyed bird life in Lake Forest Park as part of research led by Douglas Wacker, assistant professor in the School of STEM. Photo by Doug Wacker.

Physics student in the classroom, wearing a mask

One of the few in-person courses in autumn 2020 was in a Discovery Hall lab, where Dakota Bunger, a junior majoring in Physics, conducted an experiment. Photo by Mark Stone.

Commencement processional with some of the speakers

Portions of the virtual Convocation 2020 procession were videotaped in advance on campus. Photo by Marc Studer.

Professor David Socha holding the UW Bothell banner

For Commencement 2020, General Faculty Organization Chair David Socha, associate professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, virtually carried the UW Bothell banner. Photo by Marc Studer.

Chancellor Wolf Yeigh speaking at a podium with socially distanced speakers sitting around him

Chancellor Wolf Yeigh was recorded giving his Convocation 2020 address on the Plaza. Photo by Marc Studer.

Elisabeth celebrating her vote by the ballot drop box

Elisabeth Schnebele, a senior majoring in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, voted for the first time, dropping off her ballot in the box at Bothell City Hall. Photo by Marc Studer.

Two students pictured with Husky Pantry food

Jo Blue, manager of the Health and Wellness Resource Center, and Alicia Christian, Benefits Hub associate, show a sample of the food provided through the Husky Pantry in May. Photo by Maria Lamarca Anderson.

George Ahearn and others with large containers of food for distribution

George Ahearn (BSN 2000) co-founded the nonprofit EastWest Food Rescue with Zsofia Pasztor (left) and Nancy Balin (right) with a simple strategy: “You tell us you’re hungry; we get you food.” Photo courtesy of EastWest Food Rescue.

Masked librarian shelving books

Access Services Manager Tami Garrard and Circulation Supervisor Niclas Loesch helped keep the UW Bothell/Cascadia College Library operating, while observing masking and physical-distancing requirements. Photo by Marc Studer.

Angelo driving a facilities cart

Some of the few people on campus regularly during the pandemic work in Facilities Services & Campus Operations, such as Angelo B. Deang, custodian lead. Photo by Mark Stone.

Kathy standing in a doorway, holding a package

Even in a pandemic, Kathy Mitchell, assistant director for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives, had some essential work to do on campus. Photo by Mark Stone.

Camera set up to film two masked lecturers in a chemistry lab

Elizabeth Tyson (in red mask), chemistry lecturer in the School of STEM, created an instructional video for distance learning. Photo by Marc Studer.

Diana holding a sign reading follow the Diversity Center  at UWB_Diversity while being filmed

Remote operations made digital outreach to students more important than ever, as demonstrated by Diana Betancourt Macias, undocumented program manager at the Student Diversity Center, recording a video for the virtual convocation. Photo by Marc Studer.

Dan Bustillos being filmed on campus after dark

Dan Bustillos, assistant professor in the School of Nursing & Health Studies, was interviewed by a Seattle television station about coronavirus vaccines. Photo by Maria Lamarca Anderson.

Ariel view of the wetlands

A drone’s eye view of North Creek, which flows through the UW Bothell campus wetlands. Photo by Kristian Gorman.

Empty tables on campus

The campus holds its breath, waiting for the day when all students, faculty and staff can safely return. Photo by Mark Stone.

Photo of a door with signage restricting building access

One way campus buildings were kept safe during remote operations was by controlling access. Photo by Mark Stone.

Whiteboard with two stick figures and 6 feet apart written between them

One safety lesson during the pandemic for anyone on campus was to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance. Photo by Marc Studer.

Ursula in front of her laptop holding up some plant life

Ursula Valdez, lecturer in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, received a 2020 UW Husky Green Award and is seen here teaching remotely — outdoors. Photo courtesy of Ursula Valdez.

Dan Jaffe demonstrating their test

Dan Jaffe (in red shirt), professor of environmental chemistry in the School of STEM, and Shahbaz Qureshi, who graduated in June with a degree in Biochemistry, developed a simple test to demonstrate that a mask’s fit is more important than fabric. Photo by Marc Studer.

Christopher working on ventilator production

Christopher Sohlberg (Mechanical Engineering ’17) was one of several alumni at the Bothell ventilator company Ventec who worked long hours ramping up production in a partnership with General Motors in Kokomo, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Ventec.

Ariel shot of campus covered in snow

Before the pandemic, snow was perhaps the biggest disruption on the UW Bothell campus. Photo by Douglas Esser.

UW Bothell's W decorated for the 30th Anniversary celebration

Among other things, 2020 was the 30th anniversary of the University of Washington Bothell. Photo by Ashley Magdall.

We also invite you to take a quick trip through the first 30 years of UW Bothell in this short anniversary video.

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