Computer engineering grads rank in top earners

computer engineering ranking

The University of Washington Bothell has been ranked among the top three universities in the nation for the highest median earnings for engineering graduates in their first year after college.

The ranking, which includes computer science degrees, comes from College Confidential, an online resource for college-bound students. It lists information about colleges and hosts discussion forums.

College Confidential drew its information from the College Scorecard database maintained by the U.S. Department of Education for students who received federal financial aid. The earnings are for the first year in which the student is not enrolled in school.

Serving the region

This fall’s ranking of engineering majors in “Colleges with Highest New Grad Median Earnings by Major” included:

1. Berkeley (electrical engineering and computer science) at $117,000,
2. MIT (electrical engineering and computer science) at $117,000,
3. University of Washington in Seattle (computer) at $112,000,
3. University of Washington Bothell (computer) at $112,000, and
5. Carnegie Mellon University (electrical engineering and computer science) at $99,000.

The new ranking illustrates how well UW Bothell serves its students and the state, said Sharon A. Jones, vice chancellor for academic affairs.

“UW Bothell strives to meet regional workforce needs while helping our students gain an education that will change their lives as individuals and professionals,” she said. “This ranking is just one of many indicators of our success toward this goal.”

It is very gratifying to see UW Bothell ranked along internationally acclaimed universities, said Marc Servetnick, interim dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

“The fact that our graduates are so highly valued in the marketplace speaks to the quality of our faculty, programs and, of course, our students,” he said.

The Bothell bonus

UW Bothell, like the UW Seattle campus, has the benefit of being located in a tech hub where demand for qualified computer engineers drives up salaries, noted Kim Wilson, director of UW Bothell’s Career Services.

The diversity of UW Bothell graduates also makes them stand out, said Wilson. A significant percentage of students are underrepresented minorities, are the first in their families to receive a four-year degree and/or are eligible for federal Pell Grants for those with low incomes.

A strong work ethic and experience play a factor in the success of UW Bothell alumni as well, said Wilson. For many, their first industry job after graduation is not their first job because they often work while in school or do career-related internships.

“Our students are coming with that kind of work ethic, determination and commitment that industry professionals are looking for,” she said.

Broader skill sets

UW Bothell students have not only learned engineering and computer skills while in the School of STEM, said Wilson, but a UW Bothell education also fosters the soft skills that help STEM alumni thrive in the work force.

“Things like communication and teamwork are built into the curriculum,” she said. “They’re working on team projects together. When they go out into industry, they know how to do that. “

Earlier this year, The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked UW Bothell No. 4 among four-year public colleges in the nation for awarding bachelor degrees in computer science to women.

The computer science degrees at UW Bothell include a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering.

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