Class of 2023 on its way

BOTHELL, Washington — First-year students at the University of Washington Bothell are typically matched with a student mentor who will help them with their transition to life in college and speak from experience about how to succeed. This year, the 829 incoming first-year students of the Class of 2023 were assigned a specific Personal, Academic and Community (PAC) Coach over the summer. Students started meeting with their PAC coaches before the start of autumn quarter as part of the First Year Advising & Orientation Program.

“Our goal is to help students identify goals, develop an action plan, follow through with their plan and make use of campus resources,” said Chancellor Wolf Yeigh. “The PAC coaches are just one of several programs UW Bothell has in place to foster the success of all students.”

Of the incoming first-year students this autumn quarter, 96% are Washington residents, with 57% coming from King County and 27% from Snohomish County. Forty percent of them would be the first in their immediate families to earn a four-year degree.

Of the 666 incoming transfer students, 91% are Washington residents, and 43% would be the first in their immediate families to earn a four-year degree. Of the incoming transfer students, 86% are transferring from a Washington state community college.

Thirty-six percent of incoming first-year students and 34% of incoming transfers are eligible for federal Pell Grants, the federal aid to students in financial need.

These students have an exciting future: A 2019 report by Seattle-based PayScale ranked UW Bothell No. 3 in the country, after analyzing top schools with the highest earning potential. In addition, according to CNBC Make It, UW Bothell ranks No. 2 in the nation for public colleges that provided the greatest return on investment.

In the 2018-19 academic year, UW Bothell graduated 2,218 students. Of the 1,982 undergraduates, 61% graduated debt free; among the 236 graduate students, 54% graduated debt free.

“We continue to hold the faculty-student relationship paramount while building pathways that provide students in our region with access to a broad array of majors and programs that align with their goals,” said Sharon A. Jones, vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Overall, 28% of UW Bothell students are enrolled in first-year and pre-major programs. Of students enrolled in a major field of study, the percentages are as follows:

  • 28% School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • 16% School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • 15% School of Business
  • 9% School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • 4% School of Educational Studies

Among all students at UW Bothell, the top five cities of residence are:

  • Seattle (14%)
  • Bothell (8%)
  • Bellevue (7%)
  • Lynnwood (6%)
  • Everett (6%)

Here is another demographic snapshot of the UW Bothell student body:

  • 36% White
  • 30% Asian
  • 10% Hispanic or Latino
  • 9% international (nonresident alien)
  • 7% Black or African American
  • 6% indicated two or more races
  • Less than 1% indicated Native American or Alaska Native
  • 2% did not indicate a race or ethnicity

UW Bothell has a total student body of 5,936. There are 5,364 undergraduate students and 572 graduate or professional students enrolled this fall. The average class size is 30 for undergraduates and 19 for graduate/professional students.

Since opening in 1990, UW Bothell has had more than 22,500 graduates of whom 88% live and work in the state of Washington.

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