Faculty publications highlighted in library

Hannah Mendro at the display case.Marc Studer photo

New books and other publications by University of Washington Bothell faculty published in the past academic year are now on display in the UW Bothell & Cascadia College Campus Library

The display demonstrates the breadth of UW Bothell faculty research. 

“It’s wonderful to give it a bit of a showcase,” said Hannah Mendro, a materials processing technician who describes herself as a behind-the-scenes mover of books.  

Among the publications is the zine “Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest” by School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) Principal Lecturer Julie Shayne and Shayne’s Rad Womxn in the Global South class. 

Almost everything in the case is available in the library. Most of the articles can be found in databases through the library website, and some of the articles are in journals that the library has in hard copy. 

“There’s still plenty of the room in the case for more things,” Mendro said. 

UW Bothell and Cascadia College faculty and staff can add to the display case by bringing publications to Mendro in LB1-311 or to the circulation desk on the first floor. Send articles with online access to hsmendro@uw.edu. 

Here’s the current display of titles, their authors and their journal, book or conference, compiled by Mendro: 

  • “Brand Touchpoints,” a book edited by Aparna Sundar, lecturer, School of Business 
  • “Librarians as critical friends: developing a sustainable peer observation process,” an article by campus librarians Laura Dimmit and Chelsea Nesvig, in College & Research Libraries News 
  • “The Red Napkin” and “Daffodil,” poems by Cora Thomas, a member of the library staff, in Clamor 
  • “Integrating social and environmental justice into the chemistry classroom: a chemist’s toolbox,” an article coauthored by School of Nursing & Health Studies’ Senior Lecturer Grace Lasker, in Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 
  • “Connecting Systems Thinking and Service Learning in the Chemistry Classroom,” an article by Lasker, in Journal of Chemical Education 
  • “The good fight: To succeed, the Green New Deal needs people arguing about it,” an article by IAS Lecturer Jason Lambacher, in New Republic 
  • “Red Team C2 and Blue Team Detection,” an article by Information Technologies cybersecurity adviser Jesse Moore, in Pen Test 
  • “Team Teaching Models for Professional Development and Peer Learning,” a poster by IAS Senior Lecturer Kristin Gustafson and IAS Lecturer Amy Lambert, at Society of Teaching & Learning Conference 
  • “Of Boxes and Pen: Forged and Forging Racial Categories at a Wartime U.S. University,” a chapter by IAS Assistant Professor Maryam S. Griffin, in the book, “Education at war: The fight for students of color in America’s public schools” 
  • “Eisenstein’s criterion, Fermat’s last theorem, and a conjecture on powerful numbers,” an article by Assistant Professor Pietro Paparella, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), in Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics 
  • “The volume of the tracenonnegative polytope via the Irwin-Hall Distribution,” an article coauthored by STEM Assistant Professor Pietro Paparella, in Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics 
  • “Realizing Suleĭmanova spectra via permutative matrices, II,” an article coauthored by STEM Assistant Professor Pietro Paparella, in Linear Algebra and its Applications 
  • “Fixed and growth mindsets in physics graduate admission” and “Sustaining Physics Teacher Education Coalition programs in physics teacher education,” articles coauthored by STEM Assistant Professor Rachel Scherr, in Physical Review Physics Education Research 
  • “Sociology a game changer in computer science programs,” an article by Cascadia College faculty Soraya Cardenas, in Proceedings – Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE 
  • “A return to ‘the clinic’ for community psychology: Lessons from a clinical ethnography in urban American Indian behavioral health,” an article coauthored by IAS Assistant Professor William Hartmann, in American Journal of Community Psychology 
  • “American Indian historical trauma: Anticolonial prescriptions for healing, resilience, and survivance,” an article coauthored by IAS Assistant Professor William Hartmann, in American Psychologist 
  • “Borderlands Letrados: La Crónica, the Mexican Revolution, and Transnational Critique on the US-Mexico Border,” an article by IAS Assistant Professor Yolanda Padilla, in English Language Notes 

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