Faculty publications featured at library

Kimberly Kramer in front of publications display case / Marc Studer photo

Look for recent books and other publications by faculty members in a prominent display case in the lobby of the UW Bothell and Cascadia College Campus Library.

“It demonstrates the diverse and interesting research of the campus community,” said Kimberly Kramer, the library materials processing lead who put the display together.

Updated at the beginning of each school year, this year’s display is larger than in the past with five books and more than 20 articles, Kramer said.

Library books can be checked out, the e-books are in the library catalog, and many of the articles are available either online or through a library database. To help people search for the articles, labels include the journal title and year.

Book in display case

UW Bothell authors or editors of the books now on display include:

  • Jennifer Wren Atkinson, senior lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS), “Gardenland : Nature, Fantasy, and Everyday Practice”
  • Wayne Au, professor, School of Educational Studies, “Teaching for Black Lives”
  • Lauren S. Berliner, assistant professor, IAS, “Producing Queer Youth: The Paradox of Digital Media Empowerment”
  • Amaranth Borsuk, assistant professor, IAS, “The Book”
  • Deborah Caplow, lecturer, IAS, “Guelabuetza Grafica” and “Yoshi Nakagawa: Artwork 2007-2018”
Article in display case

Articles by UW Bothell faculty include:

  • Arnold S. Berger, associate professor, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), “The use of constructive alignment in the design of laboratory activities,” SEFI Annual Conference
  • Martha Groom, professor, IAS, “Five ways to move beyond the March: A guide for scientists seeking strong, inclusive science,” Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Kristin Gustafson, senior lecturer, IAS, “Teaching column: Using history to draw student attention to the ‘difficult and dangerous’ work of journalism, over time, around world,” Clio
  • Joey Shapiro Key, assistant professor, STEM, “Gravitational wave astronomy: New detectors and new data handling systems are set to take this still-young science to the next level,” American Scientist
  • Andrea Kovalesky, associate professor emeritus, School of Nursing & Health Studies, “Post-operative pain and comfort in children after heart surgery: A comparison of nurses and families pre-operative expectations,” Journal of Pediatric Nursing
  • Ron Krabill, associate professor, IAS, “The Seattle Afrikan Premier League,” “Ibrahim Usman’s road to Qatar” and “A Black queen in the Seattle Reign,” Africa is a Country
  • Alka Kurian, senior lecturer, IAS, “Decolonizing the body: Theoretical imaginings on the Fourth Wave Feminism in India,” and “Gender, war, and resistance: Documentary cinemas of Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Nepal,” New Feminisms in South Asia: Disrupting the Discourse Through Social Media, Film, and Literature
  • Brent J. Lagesse, assistant professor, STEM, “Detecting spies in IoT systems using cyber-physical correlation,” “Automated hidden sensor detection in sensor-rich spaces,” and “Enabling crowd sensing for non-experts,” “IEEE Workshop on Mobile and Pervasive Internet of Things
  • Kate Noble, professor, STEM, “Why consciousness matters: Insights from a new generation,” Consciousness: Ideas and Research for the Twenty First Century
  • Kate Noble, professor, STEM, “Why consciousness? Teaching and learning at the leading edge of mind science,” Neuroquantology
  • Pietro Paparella, assistant professor, STEM, “On the realizability of the critical points of a realizable list,” Linear Algebra and its Applications
  • Julie Shayne, senior lecturer, IAS, and Denise Hattwig, head of library digital scholarship collections, “Creating counter archives: The University of Washington Bothell’s Feminist Community Archives of Washington Project”
  • Michael Stiber, professor, STEM, “Machine learning of spatiotemporal bursting behavior in developing neural networks,” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference
  • Michael Stiber, professor, STEM, “Spatiotemporal characteristics of bursting and avalanches in cultures of cortical neurons,” Neural Coding

Articles by Cascadia College faculty include:

  • Soraya Cardenas, “Sociology a game changer in computer science programs”
  • Soraya Cardenas, “Herbert test helping hire software developers: A complex algorithmic problem-solving tool,” Future Technologies Conference
  • Soraya Cardenas, “Unraveling an elusive future: Social inequality and social responsibility in the tech industry,” Intelligent Systems Conference
  • Denise Calvetti Michaels, “The lyric is the desire to breathe,” Clamor
  • Denise Calvetti Michaels, “Farm is the language of gesture,” “When I begin the light is a sheave” and “Two interludes bookend the experience,” Yours Truly
  • Jessica Weimer, “Where’s that in the text? Sparking the metacognitive conversation: Using reading apprenticeship to foster text-focused discussions in ELL reading courses,” WAESOL Educator

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