New faces, new energy on campus

Here are a few brief profiles of some of the new students who were interviewed during orientation at the University of Washington Bothell:

Name: Kamari Senters

Kamari Senters

Hometown, high school and more: Lindbergh High School in Renton, Washington, about 20 credits in Running Start at Bellevue College.

UW Bothell because: Visited UW campus in Seattle on high school trip and was invited to preview Bothell. “When I saw the campus, I thought it would be a closer community, so it would be easier for me to learn here. This helps me hold myself more accountable and do what I’m here to do, instead of worrying about everything else that goes on outside the classroom. I like to be able to talk to my professor if I have an issue.”

Major, career plans: Electrical Engineering. Several members of his family work as mechanical engineers or software engineers. “If I can get into a job at Microsoft or Boeing, that would be great. That’s where my goals are set right now.”

Thoughts after orientation: Works at “a little bit of everything” at a Harley Davidson dealership in Renton and would like to continue if his school schedule allows. “If school gets too overwhelming, I’ll just do school full time. It’s more important than a job right now. The people I’ve met so far are really cool. I think I’ll be able to fit in nicely around here. I’ve made a couple of friends. I’m excited. I’m ready to start.”

Name: Anh Phan

Anh Phan

Hometown, high school and more: Bringing some credits from International Baccalaureate (IB) classes at Kent Meridian High School in Kent, Washington.

UW Bothell because: First visited campus on a College Success Foundation field trip in high school. “I really like the campus and class sizes.”

Major, career plans: Interested in computer science. Received a Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, which supports students in STEM fields. “I’m decent in math.”

Thoughts after orientation: “I’m used to seeing everyone from school — familiar faces — but here I don’t really know anyone. It’s a whole new situation.”

Name: Genesis Salazar

Genesis Salazar

Hometown, high school and more: Mercer Island, Running Start credits at Bellevue College.

UW Bothell because: Wanted to stay in state. Learned about UW Bothell while attending a multicultural event at the UW in Seattle and liked Bothell's later admissions deadline.

Major, career plans: Received direct admission to Society, Ethics and Human Behavior major and considering Law, Economics and Public Policy major. Eventually might consider law school or church college for a ministry.

Thoughts after orientation: “I haven’t taken any 300-level courses yet. Other than that, I feel like this will be a smooth transition.”

Name: Oswald Joshua Olazabal

Oswald Olazabal

Hometown, high school and more: North Central High School, Spokane, Washington.

UW Bothell because: His older brother and sister went to UW Bothell. Visited campus during field trip with AVID college readiness program. After acceptance, he put a sign in his yard announcing “New Husky Student,” which was a “conversation starter” with WSU Cougars in the neighborhood. Received a grant, an alumni scholarship and a scholarship with Washington State Opportunity Scholars.

Major, career plans: Electrical Engineering. Hopes to work for Boeing. Also plans to apply electrical engineering skills to his hobby building electronics. “I’m trying to make a Bluetooth surround sound, and I just figured out how to do it.”

Thoughts after orientation: “I’m going to try to find a job on campus to pay for housing.”

Name: Jason Koop

Jason Koop

Hometown, high school and more: Camas, Washington, Running Start at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.

UW Bothell because: Looked into the University of Washington, discovered more than one campus and was accepted at Bothell.

Major, career plans: Community Psychology and then medical school. “I want to become a psychiatrist. I think the way the human brain works is the most interesting thing about the human body.”

Thoughts after orientation: A friend from Camas also is attending UW Bothell, and they plan to room together. “It will make the transition a little bit easier, I think.”

Name: Jacob Balzotti

Jacob Balzotti

Hometown, high school and more: Woodinville High School, Woodinville, Washington. Plans to live at home and commute by bike to UW Bothell.

UW Bothell because: “I really liked the school when I toured it compared with some other ones.”

Major, career plans: Biology. “I’m interested in biotech, and I also like marine biology. There are a few other subjects of interest for me, so I want to start by studying generally and see if I can specify.”

Thoughts after orientation: “Everyone’s been real nice.”

Name: Victor Suciu

Victor Suciu

Hometown, high school and more: Ingraham High School in Seattle.

UW Bothell because: “I knew for a long time I wanted to do computer science, and the UW has a good computer science program.”

Major, career plans: “I’m not sure exactly of a specific job I’m aiming for, but I know I want to work in the computer science industry. I like programming. I make basic applications and also do some game modding (modifications)."

Thoughts after orientation: “I got some useful information. I feel pretty good. I like the campus. I like the people here. It seems like a friendly place.”

Name: Catherine Yeh

Catherine Yeh

Hometown, high school and more: Kentridge High School in Kent, Washington. Running Start associate degree at Bellevue College “so it’s not a big transition for me.”

UW Bothell because: Wants to stay in state. Likes the size of the campus and opportunity to relate to professors in smaller classes.

Major, career plans: “I’m interested in neuroscience, but I might change my mind."

Thoughts after orientation: Learned about transferring credits. “The campus tour showed us around, so we know where things are.”

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