Lights inspire colorful computer graphic art

Kipil Kim and Jong Yoon

Kipil Kim, left, and Jong Yoon

Red is the dominant color of 10 computer graphic prints exhibited at the University of Washington Bothell by a Korean artist.

Some were inspired by things artist Kipil Kim saw while visiting the United States for the first time: red taillights of traffic, red Christmas lights and the red tinge of mountains in the morning light.

The prints were exhibited during finals week in December on the fourth floor vista in Discovery Hall. Kim was invited to exhibit the work at UW Bothell by Jong Yoon, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

Kim was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington during a one-year sabbatical from Jeju National University College of Art and Design in the Republic of Korea where Kim is an associate professor of industrial design and multimedia.

“As I experienced a new culture and space, I was able to renovate my feelings with another approach to visual design,” Kim wrote. For Kim, RED also stands for Renovation Evolution Development.

Array Protrusion2 by Kipil Kim
Mountain Illusion by Kipil Kim
Climb by Kipil Kim

"Climb," "Mountain & Illusion," and "Array & Protrusion2" by Kipil Kim.

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