Internship impact: Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim was one of the winter quarter students in BIS 495, the internship course taught by Loren Redwood in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. They “combined passion with academic pursuit,” Redwood says. By the end of the quarter, four of the 12 students had jobs.

Audio production is a passion for Daniel Kim (media and communications studies, June ’17), but he wondered if it was something he could do as an everyday job. He gave the idea a tryout as an intern at 710 AM ESPN Radio, the top sports station in Seattle.

Daniel Kim

Kim recorded audio, edited podcasts and clips and made promos to be used on the air. He took part in planning with producers and show hosts to decide what topics they would talk about and how to make it informative and entertaining.

“Through this, I feel like I could do this for a career now,” Kim says. The internship “made me re-evaluate my surroundings, my workspace.”

After Kim lands a job in audio production he plans to expand into video production.

“My main focus is to find a job that not only do I love but also provides a financially stable situation,” Kim says, “then from there, invest in video equipment and try that out.”

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