Campus ghost stories

By Keiana Hadjireza (photo illustration by Kristian Gorman)

haunted Truly house graphic

In the spirit of Halloween, have you ever thought about a time when you saw something on campus that you cannot explain? If so, it’s possible that you had a paranormal experience.

While having only been around for 26 years, the University of Washington Bothell has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800’s. One of the more prominent families, whose home has been preserved on campus, was Richard and Beverly Boone Truly. Higher education was always very important to Truly, which aided his decision to sell his property to the University of Washington in 1995.

Since Truly's passing in 2009, many say they have witnessed his friendly spirit lingering around his former residence, located behind the STEM building.

“I feel Mr. Truly walks the hall, especially in the bottom bedroom that used to be his,” says Georgia Kalasountas, a former employee and psychic medium, who did a paranormal investigation on the Truly house a few years back.

"I have also always felt ‘a party’ always going on. They (the Trulys) entertained a lot, barbecues and such, and I feel there are always folks who visit the home in spirit reliving some wonderful times.”

There have also been some more mysterious occurrences, unrelated to the Trulys, on campus. A story of a time when two staff members in the library witnessed something unexplainable was shared by a current staff member.

The pair were about to enter an elevator and asked a girl in a “white sundress and long dark hair” ahead of them to hold open the door.

“She never even turned around. She faced the back wall of the car while the door closed. One of them pressed the call button and the door slid back revealing an empty elevator car…”

Confused by what they had just seen the two staff members asked security if the library had any hidden exit panels. They were told no.

Whether these stories are true or not, the original homes remind us that there were once other people who also enjoyed this space. In case you see or hear something unusual, fear not as none of the spirits around campus harm anyone, they simply want to relive their glory days and co-exist with the UW Bothell community. Bothell’s campus is known for being an inviting and diverse community where everyone is welcome, including those in spirit.

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