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Students researching new way to clean waters

Three researchers in a Commons Hall (UW2) lab are working this summer with plastic bags of mushroom mycelium oozing enzymes, containers of fungi-filled sawdust filtering water samples and straw-filled burlap mats crawling with the white filaments of fungi growth. They are working on a way to remove bacteria from water, using the campus wetlands as their test site.

August 5, 2016

International student’s USA bike adventure

An international student studying marketing at University of Washington Bothell faced a choice between a summer internship or biking across the country. Hyunsoo Kim chose a his cross-country adventure on two wheels.

August 5, 2016

Student celebrated as ‘bright light’

Anna Bui was celebrated for her intelligence, energy and smile at a community support gathering at the Activities and Recreation Center. The 19-year-old sophomore was one of three people killed in Mukilteo at a gathering of friends from high school.

August 1, 2016