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Each year UW Bothell celebrates the contributions of our valued staff. This year’s staff appreciation breakfast was a time to honor individuals across our campus who are committed to the success of our students and our campus community. As always, there were lots of laughs thanks to emcee Sean Marsh and lots of pictures to remember the occasion. View the photos on flickr here.

It was a time to reconnect and acknowledge outstanding staff. Chancellor Yeigh celebrated everyone in the room with heartfelt words of gratitude for being the foundation of great things that happen at UW Bothell and the safety net when things get tough.

Before presenting the Staff Appreciation Award, he shared how difficult it was to choose just one from among such impressive nominations. Therefore, three outstanding staff members were given the award this year:

Beth Miguel Alipio, senior advisor for undergraduate programs in the School of Business
Tyson Kemper, gardener supervisor, in facilities services
Dr. Rosemary Simmons, counseling center director, Student Affairs.

Later in the program, staff members were honored for milestones in their years of service to the University of Washington, awards given by the University of Washington earlier in the year and awards from outside organizations related to the work they do for our students and for the University. Below is the list of all those honored.

Congratulations to all UW Bothell staff for a job well done! As we launch into our 2016-2017 academic year, let's remember we are better together!

Years of Service:


Dale Ahvakana, Network Application Specialist – IT
Peggy Brown, Event & Conference Services Manager, Advancement and External Relations
Ali Bulzomi, Budget Analyst—Institutional Budget & Planning
Jordan Chamberlain, Program Operations Specialist—CEDR
Krista Garg, International Student Services Coordinator – Enrollment Management
Christy Grayum, Assistant Registrar – Enrollment Management
Lisa Hall, Director of Media Relations and Communications – Advancement and External Relations
Toni Hartsfield, Program Manager – School of Educational Studies
Jonathan Hee, Research Tech 2 – School of STEM
Calvin Johnson III, Commuter Services Manager – Commuter Services
Erica Lind, Counseling Services Coordinator–School of Educational Studies
Sean Marsh, Director of Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy – Advancement and External Relations
Sharon Meriwether, Electrical Engineering Graduate Advisor – School of STEM
Bonnie Monteleone, Career Counselor – Student Affairs
Shannon Murtagh, Research Consultant – CEDR
Jessica Newkirk, Ceremonies & Events Coordinator – Advancement and External Relations
Daniele Raymond, Parking Enforcement Officer – Commuter Services
Dan Scheuler, Assistant Director of Orientation Programs – Student Affairs
Ellen Weinstein, Human Resources Manager for Faculty – Organizational Excellence/Human Resources
Tom Woo, Custodian – Facilities Services

10 Years

Blanca Amador, Custodian – Facilities Services
Dana Bigham, Assistant Director of Academic Services – School of Educational Studies
Darren Branum, Emergency Preparedness Manager – Administration, Planning & Finance
Annie Brelsford, Faculty and Administrative Affairs Specialist – School of STEM
Carolyn Brennan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research – Office of Research
Rachel Foote, Assistant Director of Academic Services – School of IAS
Tyson Kemper, Gardener Supervisor – Facilities Services
Tom Mahon, Senior Computing Specialist – Library
Sharon Onstad, Custodian – Facilities Services
Adam Sailer, Computer Support Analyst II – IT
Nicole Sanderson, Maintenance & Construction Coordinator – Facilities Services
Israel Villasenor, Security Officer – Campus Safety
Kimberly Wilson, Assistant Director Career Center – Student Affairs
Lois Yamamoto, Fiscal Specialist II – Facilities Services
Cynthia Yee, Fiscal Specialist 2 – Fiscal & Audit Services

15 Years

Leena Buddhadasa, Budget Fiscal Analyst Lead – Office of Research
Michael De Armond, Research Coordinator – CRPE
John Egdorf, Construction Project Manager – Physical Planning and Space Management
Bryce Figueroa, Reserves Lead – Library
Kathy Gibson, Library Technician Lead – Library
Jon Howeiler, Field Coordinator/Certification Officer – School of Educational Studies
Cham Kao, Director for Campus Safety – Campus Safety
Soofin Lam, Program Operations Specialist – Facilities Services
Tyson Monsaas, Facility Operations Maintenance Specialist – Facilities Services
Pavel Nikitenko, Facility Operations Maintenance Specialist – Facilities Services

20 Years

Pam Lundquist, Registrar – Enrollment Management
Janet McDaniel, Program & Internship Coordinator – School of STEM
Marc Studer, Media Producer – IT

25 Years

Barbara Van Sant, Program Coordinator – General Faculty Organization

35 Years

Tracy Caldwell, Dispatcher – Campus Safety

Other awards that had been presented to staff during the year were also acknowledged at the event:

ASUWB Staff Award

Aina Braxton, – Digital Future Lab

UW Distinguished Staff Award Nominees

This year several UW Bothell staff were nominated for the prestigious UW Distinguished Staff Award. They were honored at a ceremony at the Seattle campus in February.

Nominated for the 2016 UW Distinguished Staff Award – Individual Nominations:

Kate Osmond, Assistant Director of Graduate Programs – School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Rosemary Simmons, Counseling Center Director, Student Affairs

Nominated for the 2016 UW Distinguished Staff Award – Team Nomination:

University of Washington Bothell Student Engagement & Activities
Samantha Penjaraenwatana, Program Assistant for Student Engagement & Activities
Sam Al-Khoury, Assistant Director for Student Engagement& Activities
Leah Shelton, Assistant Director for Student Engagement& Activities
Missy Dominguez, Program Manager for Student Engagement& Activities
Aliyah Vinikoor, Program Manager for Student Engagement & Activities

University of Washington Bothell’s Office of Student Engagement and Activities also won a national award for its work to support diversity and inclusion. The American College Personnel Association-College Student Educators International, awarded this office the Voice of Inclusion Medallion: Exemplary Program Award for the IDEA Project and social justice programs.

Dana Brolley, Assistant Director, Center for International Education in the Division of Enrollment Management, won the NAFSA Association of International Educator NAFSA of the Year Award.

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