How orientation helped me transfer

By Jama Abdirahman
This is the time of year when many recent high school grads head off to college. University of Washington Bothell is welcoming hundreds of first year students, but even more students arrive on campus as transfers.

I remember my orientation. It’s what kick-started my relationships with academic advisers and peers. The seven-hour welcoming experience helped with my transition to UW Bothell.

I came to this university as a transfer student from Seattle Central College upon completing my associate degree. I used my three years at community college to develop the necessary skills to be successful at a four-year institution.

Every student chooses UW Bothell for different reasons. I chose UW Bothell because I wanted to attend a small university and sample different courses available to students in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. I've really thrived in a collaborative environment. The small class sizes allowed me to really engage with other students and have a one-on-one relationship with my professors. Also getting from one class to another never takes long. Especially if you like to longboard everywhere like I do.

I begin my senior year in September. I look forward to my continued growth and learning more about my future career as a journalist and documentary filmmaker. My last year of university symbolizes a great milestone. I look forward to moving on as I write the next chapter of my life after graduation.

My advice to transfer students is to map out a plan ahead of time. Transferring to a four-year institution is different for everyone. Contacting academic advisers and professors before a quarter begins makes the transition process a lot smoother.

Also, research different UW Bothell student organizations and clubs and get involved early. Since coming to UW Bothell, I’ve joined the Muslim Student Association and became an officer in the Black Student Union. Being a part of these clubs helped me build a sense of community and made my junior year fulfilling.

I look forward to seeing so many new students around campus because their unique experiences and stories add so much to the UW Bothell community.

Jama Abdirahman

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