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The Responsible Business Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

Business of the Future featuring Carol Sanford

UW Bothell School of Business is proud to kick off the new Responsible Business Distinguished Guest Lecture series this fall with its founder, Carol Sanford. The lectures are open to business persons and members of the community. The lectures are all based on research and practice of the revolution that is happening in business and how we can escalate our rate of leadership in the region and industry in general.

Sanford’s three-part series, The Business of the Future, will offer disruptive yet proven practices on the business strategy of the future will be and how to create it now.

She is the founder and CEO of the Carol Sanford Institute and has helped hundreds of innovative large, mid-size and small businesses grow into vibrant brands in her forty years as an educator, consultant, and advisor to executives. Her long-time clients include DuPont, P & G, Intel, and Hewlett Packard and her books and methods are used by the Google Innovation Lab for Food. Sanford has also written two award-winning business books, The Responsible Entrepreneur and The Responsible Business, which are required reading at Stanford, Harvard, MIT and the University of Michigan, as well as at over 100 other MBA and entrepreneur degreed schools.

Business of the Future: Part I – How Strategy Will Be Developed
Thursday, October 15th 2015
6:30 PM UW Bothell Campus
Discovery Hall – Room 061

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The old process includes competitive assessment, improvements over last year, and problem solving.

In the new approach those practices are replaced with ones that can grow your business by triple digits annually and position a business for market non-displace-ability. Learn…

  1. What the THREE big outdated processes you are likely using and how to revise them now.
  2. Three secrets from Apple, Google and Costco’s playbook that can make you a leader in your markets.
  3. How to make strategy fun and predictive of returns as well have everyone singing on the same page with you.

Business of the Future: Part II – How Leadership Will be Done in the 21st Century
Thursday, November 5th 2015
7:00 PM UW Bothell Campus
Discovery Hall – Room 061

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Delegation, reward-and-incentivize, and inspiring team members is how people led in the 20th century.

These practices will be replaced by ones that have people taking on their own development, accelerating contribution and making your job easier because they know how to lead themselves and one another.

Learn five contrarian leadership practices that make your job easier, are inspiring to you, and will make a bigger difference as your watch.

Business of the Future – Part III: How Management and Work Design Will Function
Friday, January 8th 2016
6:00 PM UW Bothell Campus
Discovery Hall – Room 061

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The last century of management focused on gauging talent by performance reviews and engagement, managing by feedback, buying the best talent, and building teams around tasks. All these are outdated.

Carol will give you five fundamental shifts that will move your company ONE CENTURY forward in how you manage people, based on the latest management research and from Carol’s four decades of experience with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs who have been wildly successful and done it all responsibility.

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