30 Days 30 Ways Campus-Wide

Wellness Challenge from April 3-May 2!

Kick Off Party April 2nd 4-6pm in the Commons
Closing Ceremony May 2nd 6-8pm North Creek Events Center Here's where to register:

Check out the 30 Days 30 Ways facebook page for more updates!
* Calendar of events coming soon! *

* World AIDS Day Awareness Week
- November 27th 6-8pm in UW2 Commons: RENT Movie Night
- November 28th 11am-5pm in Food For Thought: I'm A Statistic Campaign
- November 29th 6-8pm in Mobius: Drag Queen Bingo

* Finals Stretch Week

- December 3rd 2-4pm: Spa Day

- December 4th: Yogatation Day

- December 5th: Mental Health Medley Day

- December 6th 11am-5pm Sports Complex: Pump It Out Day

* Cram Nights
- December 9th and 10th --> UWB Library
Food will be served both nights at 8pm and 10pm in Food For Thought

- Zumba in the Dark (glowstick Zumba party)

- Educational Bootcamp - Relaxation 101

- Alcohol Workshops
- Rock Climbing

* Getting' TIPSy - Mocktail Party

- Every Second Counts: Alcohol Emergency Prevention & CPR/First Aid Certification

- Theo Chocolate Factory (learning about health benefits of chocolate!)

* A La Carte (keep an eye out for these!)



 * Alcohol Awareness Week

- A Shot in the Dark
- Pledge Tree (I pledge to have a DD)

* DESTRESS Day (building Destress packets)

* Healthy Relationships Week

- Free Hugs

- Healthy Cooking with the HEROs

- Sexapalooza
- Bowling

* World AIDS Day Awareness Week

- Drag Queen Bingo

- I'm A Statistic Campaign

* Mustache Time

* Healthy Body Image Week

- Life Size Barbie

** 30 Days 30 Ways(Spring Quarter Campus-Wide Fitness and Wellness Challenge

* Things You Wish You Knew:

- Alcohol

- Education
- Take Back the Night at UWSeattle


** BACCHUS Conference 2012