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69th Edition: October 20th,  2014




DESC Homeless Shelter Service Activity

 Group photoIn just 3 hours, students re-painted two entire floors of the historic "Union Hotel," which serves as a permanent home to 52 formerly homeless people who have suffered from serious mental and addictive illnesses. In a debriefing with the student volunteers, Volunteer and In Kind Gifts Manager Donald Rupp said "it's all about dignity."

Last Wednesday students from Jennifer Atkinson and Julie Shayne's course on "Place and Displacement in the Americas" partnered with Downtown Emergency Services Center to improve a homeless shelter in Pioneer Square. What you have done today is improve the homes of people in the most vulnerable circumstances. When they walk back into these rooms, their home will not only look brighter and cleaner, but they will be reminded that people in the community care about their lives and have come here to help. There are days when those simple gestures can make all the difference.



Check This Awesome Art Course Out

BIS 440: Arts of Social Transformation is a public art course designed to familiarize students with the impact this art form can have on individuals, local communities and society at large.

Twelve UW Bothell students and twelve Monroe prisoners will be selected to participate in this collaborative art course to be held at the Monroe Correctional Complex during Spring quarter 2015, on Fridays, from 2-4pm.

Limited space available.  Interested students must apply by Nov. 1st, 2014 to allow time for background checks and training through the Department of Corrections.

Please contact: Gary Carpenter (Lecturer)


                              Veterans open house

On Tuesday, November 4th 2014 from 12:00-1:30pm, the UW Bothell School of Business invites all advisors and students who have served in the Military to join us for a special Military and Veteran Outreach Event at the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue.

This catered event is for all current and former Military Service members to learn about special resources available to them within UW Bothell and in the local community. Special guest speakers will include Chancellor Yeigh and Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean of the School of Business.

Veterans Open House source:


                                 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON BOTHELL



Día de los Muertos

October 27th

                                   El dia de los muertos

Come participate with our interactive display of Día de los Muertos. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to bring mementos and photos of deceased loved ones.

The Spanish program at University of Washington Bothell will be constructing an ofrenda at the Food for Thoughts on October 27th from 1:00 – 3:00pm

This will be a participatory altar for the campus community. Feel free to add mementos and photographs to honor deceased loved ones.

DO NOT bring the only copy of your favorite photo. To ensure nothing precious gets lost, we will only accept photocopies or spare reprints.

For more information contact Vilma Illanes at


Imprtant Connections

Learn how to build positive relationships with your professors to support your academic achievements.                                               

                                      Friday, October 24th 2014






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