Volunteer in the Wetlands

Boardwalk and surrounding vegetation in wetlands UWB hosts science camps every year giving children a hands-on experience in wetlands, 2006 Photographer: Warren Gold Barred Owl, 2008 Photographer: Facility Services Boardwalk and surrounding vegetation in wetlands, 2011 Photographer: Marc Studer

Come lend a hand!

Interested in getting hands-on experience in wetland restoration? Need to hold a long discussion-based meeting but don’t want to be stuck sitting indoors? Looking for a team building activity? Volunteer for a shift in the wetlands!

The wetlands are open two days a week for reservable volunteer slots for any interested students, staff, and faculty. Each volunteer session will last about 3 hours. Volunteer sessions will involve hands on weeding and pruning of invasive species and other general wetland maintenance. This work is incredibly valuable for the health of our wetland ecosystem and allows the wetlands staff to continue avoiding the use of pesticides in its management.

Sign up

Click here to sign up for an available wetland slot with up to 3 people and at least 48 hours in advance. You’ll be contacted by our wetland staff to coordinate a meeting spot and any additional information you need.

*Please note: The wetland volunteer appointment can be cancelled due to weather at short notice


Before you plan to volunteer in the wetlands, it is advised that you spend a few minutes and watch the wetlands safety video (below) as well as read the access regulations pdf. You may also visit the access regulations page if you would like further information.