Publishing a Page

Preview unpublished pages 

A Preview URL provides non-users an opportunity to view a page prior to publishing. This feature enables the sharing of an unpublished page version outside of the Kentico CMS user interface.

* Note: A Preview URL doesn't allow for browsing within the UW Bothell's website, and should never be used as a main link on any web page.

Generate a preview URL

To enable the preview url, go to Properties › General › Preview URL: Show preview


URL Shortener

A new window will load and the generated url is long and can be shortened by using a third-party tool such as the Google URL Shortener.

Submitting and publishing a document

Note: Remember to always spellcheck and Preview your document before publishing.


  1. Click Check out to edit a page using the page editing section below the tabs.  Check out page for editing message
  2. In order to get your document published, it must be checked in. Once the necessary edits have been made, click the Check in button, which will appear in the page editing section once a page is checked out. 
    Check In Button
  3. Click Submit for approval to start the publishing process. Once a document is submitted for approval, it can no longer be edited. 
    Submit for approval button
  4. You will need to contact a publisher or primary publisher to get your document published. The Submit for approval button does not notify anyone.

Publishers/Primary Publishers

Follow the steps above that an editor will follow to check in and submit a page for approval. The Publish option will then appear in the page editing section. Click Publish to make the document go live.

Publish button