Writing and Communication Center


In-Class Workshops

The Writing and Communication Center staff is available to introduce our services to your students. We also offer in-class workshops that integrate course materials with any phase of the reading, writing and communication process. These sessions are developed in collaboration with faculty, staff, and instruction librarians, and are geared to the specific needs and goals of the course. Workshop topics include:

Introduction to Writing and Communication Center Services (5 minutes)
A peer writing consultant briefly describes our services and answers student questions. Includes tips on how students can get the most out of their work with the Writing and Communication Center.  

Introduction and Mock Conference (20 minutes)
In addition to the introduction described above, two peer writing consultants role play a conference. Helps students understand what happens in a conference as well as ways to make conferences as effective as possible.

Reading Strategies (60-90 minutes)
Writing and Communication Center staff walk students through the process of reading scholarly sources. Includes time for students to use specific strategies to work through an assigned course reading.

Acknowledging the Work of Others: Avoiding Plagiarism (30 or 60 minutes) 
In this interactive workshop, Writing and Communication Center staff review three key ways to acknowledge the work of others: paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting. Tutors cover the same material in the 30 and 60 minute workshops; the longer format allows more time for students to practice the skills discussed.

Peer Review and Revisions (60 or 90 minutes)
Writing and Communication Center staff lead students through a discussion of the benefits of peer review and strategies for revising subsequent drafts, then work with small groups as students evaluate one another’s papers.


For more information and to schedule in-class workshops, please contact WaCC Director Karen Rosenberg at karenros@uw.edu.