Writing and Communication Center

What We Do

We offer three types of conferences, along with other resources to support students and faculty.

Face-to-face Conferences

Face-to-face conferences are 25 minutes long, and students may sign up for two consecutive conferences for a total of 50 minutes. Students can sign up for a maximum of two conferences per day.


Online Conferences

Students who are unable to visit us in person or who are more comfortable contacting us online can use our online conference service. We strive to respond to online submissions within 48 hours, but the exact timeframe depends on the volume of submissions we receive.


Phone &Video Conferences

We also provide conferences over the phone or through Zoom video conferencing for students who can't make it to campus but still want some real-time interaction.  To make an appointment, please use our online schedule and select "Phone Appointment" or "Zoom Conference." For phone appointments, make sure to put your phone number in the text box and email your paper to uwbwacc@uw.edu at least 30 minutes before your appointment.


Digital Resources

In addition to peer-to-peer conferences, a whole library of resources is available online to help you review and improve your writing individually. Our resources page can help answer specific questions or guide you through learning a whole new concept.


Preparing for the WSA

Getting ready to take the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA)? Attend a free, WaCC-sponsored workshop, or meet one-on-one with a tutor who can help you prepare for the WSA. Click here for workshop dates and times.


Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners offers students the opportunity to meet with peer consultants for informal English language and cultural exchanges. Practice speaking English, expand your vocabulary, and gain confidence in your conversational skills. For more information please contact us at uwbwacc@uw.edu

Faculty support

The Writing and Communication Center also offers services for faculty. Director Dr. Karen Rosenberg consults faculty on how to integrate writing and communication practices into their courses and assignments. The Writing and Communication Center staff is available to introduce our services to your students. We also offer in-class workshops that integrate course materials with any phase of the reading, writing and communication process. If you are teaching a writing-centered class, consider adding a statement to your syllabus that encourages your students to use Writing and Communication Center services. Please feel free to share assignments with us for student feedback or to inform tutoring sessions.