Veronica Zhu, Lead Peer Consultant

veronica.jpgMajor: Master of Education (UWB)
Major: Master of Human Resource Management
As a bilingual speaker myself, I have a strong drive to share my passion for English, and writing comes naturally to me. Having been on my journey to learn English as a second language over a decade, writing provides me with an easier way to communicate, opens a window of curious engagement with the world, and becomes a bridge to a magical process of self-realization. As a part of the Writing and Communication Center, I want to share these connections to writing with everyone, and help more bilingual students become stronger and confident communicators.
I grew up on a university campus that cultivated my interest in education. I graduated with a B.A. of Management in Beijing, and then completed a Master’s degree of Human Resource Management in the UK. There, I worked in the International Office of the university. After that, I worked in higher education for three years, teaching bilingual courses while providing professional mentorship/career workshops for undergraduate students.
Like Monica Geller from the TV series Friends, I organize my life using many different calendar and reminders, and this is one of my favourite ways to create (write). I particularly enjoy the writing stage of composing, and I want to share my strategies with you. I cannot remember exactly when I became confident in writing, maybe the first time my paper received an A in England, where I first became an international student. All I know is – my journey of writing was ignited, somewhere, somehow.
Since I can, YOU CAN.