Ryan Cass, Peer Consultant

Major: Business Administration in Marketing
Minor: Visual & Media ArtsPicture of Ryan

Writing has always been a source of creative expression for me. My favorite memory is in 3rd grade when my teacher would allow me to write and share my stories with the class during lunchtime. Through writing, I can express how I’m feeling and guide the audience’s reaction. For example, writing can create a smirk but by switching a couple of words around and rephrasing the sentence, the writing may create a laugh!

 In school, writing can be the difference between a passing grade or a failing grade. Before turning in a paper, I’ve found it can be impactful to get another person’s eyes on my writing before I turn it over to the professor. It’s usually hard to find somebody to give you feedback on your writing. Instead of asking your mom to read your paper, you can now ask me at the WaCC! (it sounds a lot cooler). 

 I’m currently a Business Administration major with a concentration in marketing. I’m also an award-winning film director and screenplay writer. The UWB doesn’t have too many courses with screenplays involved but UWB offers plenty of classes that require diverse storytelling. In every piece of writing, the author tries to tell a story, whether it’s a scientific report, a business memo, or an essay. I love having the chance to help my fellow Huskies find their stories.