Moses Merakov, Peer Consultant

moses.jpgMajor: Law, Economics, and Public Policy

Growing up, I had a giant box of Legos that I’d play with endlessly. By carefully combining tiny, insignificant blocks together, I could create almost anything I wanted: buildings, cars, high-tech laser guns capable of indiscriminate planetary destruction, you name it. I realized early on that writing was like Legos, but slightly more refined (I can already hear the shrill, angry screaming of millions of Lego fans claiming that building Legos is the highest form of creativity. I agree, but you can’t write a research paper with Legos).

Just like building Legos, writing consists of piecing together tiny blocks, known as words, to create something magnificent and bigger than the sum of its parts. Yes, when you have a box full of pieces with no idea of how to put it together it can be intimidating. However, after you learn some basic strategies and instructions, it’s just a matter of combining what you’ve learned. That’s where it becomes the most fun.

It’s my job, as your writing tutor, to give you those strategies and instructions. I want you to go from hating writing, to loving it. Or at least to the point where you tolerate writing and don’t feel the urge to drive a pencil into your professor’s leg whenever you get a new writing assignment.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate the world of writing!