Marina Burandt, Lead Peer Consultant

MFA: Creative Writing and PoeticsMarina2-web.jpg

B.A. English Literature, Chapman University

I’m a second-year grad student working toward my MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics. I graduated in 2018 from Chapman University in California with a BA in English literature and minors in Italian and Art. Being a writing consultant has been incredibly rewarding as I get to not only help students become more confident writers but work on my own strategies as well.

My favorite stage in the writing process is fine tuning! All writing is rewriting, and looking over my work, adding finishing touches, and cutting anything unnecessary is really satisfying. I love all aspects of writing so much. Even research papers. Even persuasive essays. I love the writing process and being able to arrange my thoughts into a cohesive argument that is interesting to other people. My least favorite part of the process is research. I just wish I knew everything already.

I’m a reformed perfectionist who’s now able to have more fun throughout the entire writing process by not imposing harsh rules on myself or others. That doesn’t mean I don’t still strive to be the best I can be – I’m just not as hard on myself! I love reading and writing and hope I can either share that love with my peers or use it to help guide those who may have more trouble putting their ideas to paper.