Kyleen Romero, Peer Consultant

Image of Kyleen RomeroMajor: Community Psychology

I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank screen for forty-five minutes trying to figure out how to create a great biography. Truth is, starting is the hardest part when it comes to almost anything. And I’ll admit, sometimes writing in general isn’t always a magical experience. It can be stressful, mentally straining, tedious and draining. This was especially evident when I was younger. Growing up bilingual in the United States was hard, having to constantly code-switch made it difficult to understand things such as proper grammar and diction. Writing inevitably became a chore for me. A relentless, disappointing, chore. It wasn’t until middle school when I finally decided I didn’t want to always feel this way. So, when the time came for me to receive feedback in my English classes, I took closer note of what my teachers and friends advised me about my writing. Little by little I finally let myself grow into the potential I’ve always had inside me, and became a stronger writer. From there, writing came easier for me, it became a source of meditation rather than stress. That’s when I realized all I had to do was show up for myself. I was the result of the choices I made and the steps I completed. I had the linguistic odds stacked against me given the circumstances I was born into, yet I defeated those odds. All because one day, I decided to start.

So, if you’re reading this, debating as to whether or not you should drop into the WaCC, I say, you one-hundred percent should! Whether you need a second set of eyes on a couple of profound writing pieces you’ve created, or your essay is due soon and you’re finding yourself struggling, I’m ready to help! Perhaps it’s just me, but people who take steps towards self and or academic improvement are truly incredible. I hope to see you soon!

If I’m being honest, I feel this needs a profound quote to really drive home the message. Therefore, in the wise words of an overpriced footwear corporation, Just Do It.