Jeff Liao, Peer Consultant

Major: Business Administration in Marketing Managementjeff-Jeff-Liao-web.jpg

What I love about the WaCC: Writing has always been my favorite subject throughout my K-12 education. Why bother learning fractions when you could be writing the next golden comedy for your 5th grade class? For me, it all started with childish stories of dragons and Jedi, which evolved into middle school book reports, which evolved into scientific research papers. During my high school writing experience, I came across a significant amount of people who were shy with their written works-- even uncomfortable. After interacting with these people and seeing their work, it’s never as bad as they think. It may just need polishing, or none. Being able to work with students one on one and seeing their confidence grow as writers, seeing that spark in their eyes when they have an epiphany…those are the moments that I look forward to seeing as a peer writing consultant.

My other interests: My main interest is to create things by hand, whether it be in a video game or in real life. In my childhood, Legos were (and still are!) the bomb, but recently I've been wanting to pursue carpentry in my free time. It feels nice to use your imagination and handiwork to put a physical form to that special something that started as mere mental snapshots in your head.

What I want to do in the future: I used to want to be a Human Resources manager for the longest time, but after doing research I realized that HR wasn’t for me. Eventually I discovered that the hospitality industry really resonates with my interests of making sure people are having a good experience living in the units and ensuring they are comfortable. It’s a people-oriented career, so this is where I’m currently headed!