Grace Boulanger, Lead Peer Consultant

handshake-profile-pic-(1).jpgDegree: B.A. Culture, Literature, and the Arts, University of Washington, Bothell

I once saw a chiropractor who told me she hated charging her patients because they did just as much good for her as she did for them. Her patients were her therapists.

Writing is my therapy. It has been a cornerstone in my life since I was seven. It is something I have done my whole life without prompting; it is something I will continue to do my whole life without prompting. To me, words make sense. Words lying in neat rows in simple black ink on paper make sense. Those orderly little collections of letters we call books can throw us into chaos or peace. Picking up a book or pen is to temporarily dedicate yourself to madness.

Even though I have been writing for years, academically and recreationally, I understand how hard it is to develop good habits and confidence. Both take time and patience and no one’s recipe for success is going to be the same. As a peer consultant I want to help other writers develop confidence in their academic writing. A crucial part of my own development as a writer has been having a safe environment where I could present my work. I want to be able to extend that same courtesy to my peers and an extension of a nurturing learning environment.

For me, the writing process is organized. When I write there is an extensive draft process involving constant reshaping, like a piece of clay. And that’s okay. No one’s first draft is perfect and it shouldn’t be. This fact sends some people running for the hills but I would encourage you to keep writing. I am always happy to lend an objective pair of eyes to any assignment at any stage of the writing process.