Grace Woods, Peer Consultant

Image of Grace WoodsMajor: Community Psychology

I live on the unceded, traditional lands and gathering grounds of the Snoqualmie tribe. I moved here from the Salish Sea eight years ago to continue my study in nature-based mentoring. To me nature-based mentoring is more than learning the plants and wildlife. It also means everything I learn and teach is rooted in the natural world—as well as how it converges with our modern, domesticated lives. My writing and interests are informed by the landscapes and microhabitats I live in, and the endless curiosity the natural world sparks.

What I love about writing is that it invites us to discern, expand, and integrate our opinions, inquiries, research, and connections of the world. We can learn so much about ourselves through both the freedom of a creative writing process, as well as from the (potential) drudgery of a research paper. I’m pursuing a Community Psychology degree with an intention to go into counseling, and one of my interests is to use writing as a medium for broadening our self-awareness. Specifically, I think when we practice, reflect, and receive feedback about our writing, we learn about how our community understands us from our own unique lenses. Additionally, we can fine-tune how we want to express ourselves.

My style as a tutor is centered around being student-led. Whether English is someone’s first and only language or someone else’s fifth learned language, we all understand language a little differently. I love to ask lots of questions and explore the nuances of what someone is trying to express in writing. I look forward to learning alongside you and asking lots of questions together!