Gayathri Ramasamy, Peer Consultant

Major: Computer Science and Software EngineeringBio-Pic.jpg

I believe that writing is all about choices and confidence. I write with “an accent” because it is my choice. Although English is one language, it has many cultures to it. Writers often use their own dialects in their writing and I am no exception.  My writing has parts of an Indian English accent along with the mechanics of American English because it is my style of writing. Many writers on campus write with an accent but are not as confident in their writing as they should be. As a peer consultant, I will encourage students to be comfortable with their unique style of writing.

I am an imaginative and descriptive writer and I hold a soft spot for creative writing. But being a STEM major makes me methodical and logical; giving me a constant need to break down and analyze things and this applies to all aspects of my life, including writing. This is why the prewriting stage is my favorite stage of writing. This stage gives me an opportunity to combine the two sides of me by letting me break down the prompt and brainstorm using bubble and mind maps.

I am here to help with all aspects of writing and whether it is academic or personal. I am also here to just listen and work through words because writing is a collaborative process.