Gabrielle Fox, Peer Consultant


Major: Gender, Women, and SexualityGabby-Fox.jpg

Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

Why I love writing and working at the WaCC:

I am passionate about writing due to it's ability to give a voice to people, causes, stories, etc. that could otherwise have gone unspoken, and perhaps unremembered. Writing is beautifully permanent and yet forever evolving. It is a world I love surrounding myself with and a form of expression that I seek to cultivate. It was through my college experience that I have been able to further develop these verbal and written tools of communication. Now that I am close to graduating it is my mission to give others these tools, as well as help them on their path towards articulate self-expression.

 Other interests:

Aside from writing, I am extremely passionate about my major gender, women, and sexuality studies. Being a Latina woman, the pursuit of equality is integral to my identity. It has been through my education on these topics that I have become truly empowered; continuously educating myself as well as others on these topics is a venture I incorporate into my daily life.

What I'd like to do in the future:

In the future I would like to pursue writing in both fiction and nonfiction with the intent of spreading knowledge about critical diversity topics. I would also like to develop a curriculum for jr. high and high school students based on the topics within gender, women, and sexuality studies.