Gabrielle Fox, Peer Consultant

Major: Gender, Women, and SexualityGabby-Fox.jpg

Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

I believe that most everyone has one form of media that they connect intimately with; Whether it be movies, music, painting, drawing, etc. My connection has always been with writing. It has given me the ability to keep my sanity through making lists of every random thought or idea that runs through my mind. It has given my overactive imagination an outlet. But perhaps most importantly, my passion for writing gave me a voice when I was too afraid to use my own. Not to say that I had a hard time expressing myself, as this is the antithesis of who I am, but rather growing up female in a male dominated society, and Latina in a white washed world has a way of enforcing silence. It was through my college experience that I cultivated both these verbal and written tools of expression. Now that I am close to graduating it is my mission to shatter this ‘enforced silence’. I hope to reach others through the written word to give them the same tools that ignited a change within myself. A change that makes speaking up not only inescapable, but empowering.