Eric Pham, Peer Consultant

Major: Computer Science and Software EngineeringPicture of Eric
Minor: Business

I’ll keep things short and sweet. 

Writing is an art. Growing up as a native Vietnamese speaker, this art did not come easy to me in America. I spent countless hours each and every day practicing my writing skills. Whether it was diary entries, creative writing pieces that popped into my brain, or simply describing my surroundings, I was writing something. 

Becoming a proficient writer never really came easy. However, my hardest class soon became the most enjoyable. Unlike science or math class, where I dreaded entering what seemed like a timeless void, English class was where I could truly express myself and my individual ideas. 

Writing became my escape. My once horrendous writing has given me a keen eye for grammatical errors, writing flow, and paper structure. While outlining a paper can seem tedious and brain-frying, I find that it can be the most rewarding. As such, writing becomes more of a top-down pyramid, where spending more time on the outline and the drafts will make the later stages of the paper a painless afterthought. 

Writing is a collaborative process. So if you’re struggling with how to get a paper started, or need your paper spiffed up, I am here to help!