Elisabeth Schnebele, Peer Consultant

Major: Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Elisabeth-Schnebele

What I love about the WaCC: There are a number of reasons as to why I love the WaCC. First, is that I love writing. I think it is an amazing tool for self expression and I also think it is the most effective way to truly understand the material you are learning. Second is that I am a people person and I love that this job is centered around having important and intellectual conversations. Additionally, since I have become confident in writing, it has made me more confident in a lot of my classes as well as my daily life. That confidence is something I would like to be able to extend to others through working at the WaCC. 

My other interests: I am extremely passionate about Women's Rights in addition to the broader Human Rights. I particularly love to study past and current global Feminist Movements. Additionally, I enjoy reading especially autobiographies of women who are justice fighters and have contributed to helping shape our future. 

What I want to do in the future: Change the world! Ultimately,  I want to be a social advocate for marginalized communities.