Elisabeth Schnebele, Peer Consultant

Major: Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Elisabeth-Schnebele

This is the third time writing my bio. I have been in my bosses office six times in the past two weeks. I have brainstormed and discarded countless ideas, asked many more questions than I received answers to, and have had an unrelenting feeling of confusion with the overall “vagueness” of the task. I work at the Writing Center, I thought writing a bio would be easy. Instead it’s frustrating, in reality writing almost always is. It doesn’t matter if you are a New York Times Best Seller or a freshman in your first college writing class, everyone comes across challenges throughout their writing process. No one knows all the answers, and no one writes the perfect paper on their first draft.  

For me, accepting this made me a more confident writer. Knowing that it’s okay to be frustrated and to simply not know has allowed me to grow through the discomfort. As a result, it’s something I have become pretty good at. l have learned that while certain parts of the writing process makes me want to pull my hair out there are also parts that I love: like interpreting material and being able to express my opinion. Additionally, collaborating with others and discussing what was read or written about is something I find rewarding and more importantly, meaningful. I believe we all have something to learn from one another and I place a lot of value in the conversations I hold with others.  

Through working in the WaCC, I hope to be able to share the confidence I found in writing with others and be there as a resource for all those frustrating moments!