dana middleton, Peer Consultant


Major: Creative Writing and PoeticsIMG-8577-dana-m1-(2).jpg

BA: Literature- Creative Writing (University of North Carolina at Asheville)

Why I'm excited to work at the WaCC:

I'm excited to work at the WaCC because I want to have a better understanding of how people move through the process of writing, how they struggle with it, and how they interact with assignments. I'm considering teaching as a possible option for myself and I think that spending time with students who are learning how to improve their writing and organize their thoughts will be useful for me in working with their perspectives and needs.

Other Interests:

Poetry, tiny dogs, outrageous plants, problem-solving, problem-raising, adventuring, and surprises.

What I'd like to do in the future:

Something education-related! I enjoy one-on-one and small group learning, but perhaps I'll move towards classroom teaching too. Besides work, I'd like to learn how to sail, get deeper into the world of small-press publishing, do wild collaborations with other writers and artists, and learn more about construction/ carpentry.