Connor James, Peer Consultant

Image of Connor-JamesMFA: Creative Writing and Poetics

I like stories and writing. I like fun stories, silly stories, happy stories, dark stories, and any combination in between. I like to write worlds onto the page and create stories in those worlds. Or look around at random things to give them a story. Or to write about a feeling or song. Pieces of writing with a purpose, an idea to be analyzed, or just because. They’re all fun! But when it gets down to it, I really do enjoy writing with a purpose. What’s the goal, the motive, the reason for the piece? What does the author have to say? That fantasy novel there about warring gods with epic battles is actually discussing cultural norms and structural racism. This science-fiction book is addressing found families and hope. That game there is talking about identity and humanity. This short story here is about participation in violence. That essay is a personal narrative about how sharing memories builds friendships.

Finding and developing that purpose in writing is what I love about tutoring and what I want to help you with, prospective tutees! Bring me your assignment sheets, your brainstormed notes, your first and final drafts. Bring me your creative writings, research projects, argumentative and descriptive essays. Let’s talk about them: what you like and dislike, what you’re concerned and confident about. We’ll discuss, dissect, and rebuild them. Or maybe we’ll start at the beginning to toss around ideas that interest you. Or maybe you’re done and just want a second pair of eyes to look at your grammar and voice. It’s all good; bring them here and I’ll help you find what you want to say or say it in a way that you like. I am happy to help.