Brynley McGough, Lead Peer Consultant

brynley.jpgMajor: Media and Communication Studies
In one way or another, I’ve been writing almost my entire life. In elementary school I found reading difficult, but with the support of my parents and teachers I quickly grew to adore the incredible things that one can do with the English language. Whether it be writing angsty teenage poetry, or bringing a character to life on a stage to make an audience laugh, it’s a way for me to bond with friends, express myself, and connect with new people. That’s why I became a media and communications major, and why I’m thrilled to work at the WaCC.
My favorite things to write are creative writing pieces: stories, poetry, screenplays, etc. I still find myself creating in my free time: writing for my personal enjoyment, recording video content for the internet, baking, or attempting to paint. On occasions that I’m not making things, I’m consuming what others have created: TV shows, movies, music, the usual. My favorite part of the writing process is the rough draft, when you’re just throwing words onto the paper, so you can make sense of them later. Rough drafts are allowed to be crappy, and there’s something freeing in that.
If you have something you’re working on, whether for class or personal use, I would love to help in any way I can.