Audrey Tinnin, Peer Consultant

Major: Culture, Literature, and the ArtsAudrey-Ann-Tinnin-web.jpg

As students we are innately curious, and I believe writing can serve as a way to explore certain questions we have through research and storytelling. I have been an avid reader since the time I was young, and I have always enjoyed writing. In elementary school, my favorite book was Charlotte's Web, and I even have a stuffed pig named Wilbur. I have always been enamored with fictional characters, and I often look to them for inspiration within my own writing. For this reason, the prewrite is my favorite part of the writing process, because of the possibilities we are given to shape the direction of the paper. I have found that my personal experiences and interests outside of the classroom, are often reflected within my writing. 

As a first year student, I was eager to connect and find community. On campus, I am currently involved with outdoor wellness activities, that have served as an outlet for exploration and discovery. When I am immersed in the forest I picture myself stepping into the setting of a novel, where animals talk and fairies live in the trees. I am able to connect and relate these outside experiences to my own writing. I have found that creativity is a significant part of writing, and I believe we all have the ability to share and explore writing in a meaningful way. I want students to feel that their work reflects their own voice, passions, and interests. I have learned that when we dedicate ourselves and choose to trust the process, our efforts and hard work can be rewarding. In the words of Charlotte the spider, “Never hurry, and never worry!”