About Our Staff

Assistant Director

Click here to view Erik's profileErik Echols

"After I completed my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, I took every opportunity I could to immerse myself in writing center praxis..."


Lead Peer Consultants

Alex BlaskovichClick here to view Alex's profile
Major: Interactive Media Design

"Writing has been my escape for years, and I am excited to share this passion..."



Madison StubsonClick here to view Maddie's bio
Major: Community Psychology

"Personally, I never really enjoyed high school, the atmosphere, or even some of the classes. I always found the classes boring..."

Peer Consultants

Click here to view Bardia's bioBardia Ghazi

"My family and I migrated to the United States when I had just become a teenager..."

Connor James
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics 
Click here to view Connor's bio

"I like stories and writing. I like fun stories, silly stories, happy stories, dark stories, and any combination in between..."


Grace WoodsClick here to view Grace's bio
Major: Community Psychology

"My writing and interests are informed by the landscapes and microhabitats I live in, and the endless curiosity the natural world sparks..."


Jesse Blairejesse.jpg
Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior & Law, Economics, and Public Policy

"My relationship with writing has been a rollercoaster since grade school..."


Luke ScottClick here to view Luke's bio
Major: Law, Economics and Public Policy
Major: Community Psychology

"As soon as I was literate, I was in love with reading, with writing, with the stories that were within me and with the stories that were born from all those who surrounded me..."

Click here to view Mina's bioMina Haines
Major: Business and Marketing

"Writing started as a tedious task given to me by my teachers. I struggled with transitions and my conclusions, which discouraged me from pursuing more writing opportunities..."


Click here to view Raelynne's bioRaelynne Woo
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics

"Language arts and writing intimidated me back when I was in high school..."


Ryan CassClick here to view Ryan's bio
Major: Business Administration in Marketing

"Writing has always been a source of creative expression for me..."

Click here to view Saajidah's bioSaajidah Abideen
Major: Biology

"'Who are you?' I stared at the three words on my screen struggling to come up with anything..."


Sakshi BhiseClick here to view Sakshi's bio
Major: Media and Communications

"Have you ever tried to guess the end of a book before you finished it? Or imagined an alternative ending that you could have written for a novel?..."

Salome SeifuClick here to view Salome's bio
Major: English

"I love to write and believe this passion translates well when I try to help those who seek guidance with their own work..."

Shriya BhaskaraClick to view Shriya's bio
Major: Computer Science and Software Engineering

"To me, writing is a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings on a certain subject..."

Sidra YousafClick here to view Sidra's profile
Major: Biology and Community Psychology

"I'm excited to be able to use my skills in the WaCC to help people immortalize their own ideas..."




Click here to view Tatianna's bioTatianna Manglona
Major: Education

"Entering college as a nontraditional student (I earned my GED in 2018), I found writing to be quite a daunting task..."