Travis Sharp, Senior Lead Consultant

Travis-(2).jpgMFA: Creative Writing & Poetics, University of Washington, Bothell

BA: English (minor in Drama), Athens State University

I have not always been in love with writing. For years as a student writing was simply there, a thing to be done, like taking out the trash or microwaving leftovers. I didn’t hate writing assignments, but I wasn’t particularly thrilled about them either.

I happen upon the word: indifferent. This is so different, so far away from my present self, that it is hard to say that that was me five years ago. I can’t say that a specific moment changed my view of writing but instead a succession of moments emanating from when I started college and finally settled on a major (English & Drama, by way of English Education, by way of Secondary Education, by way of Psychology). My love of and appreciation for writing has continually expanded ever since. I sought out moments to be immersed in writing and surrounded by writers: I worked at the writing center at my undergraduate school, Athens State University, for roughly 2 years; I dropped in on writing groups and started a reading series; I founded and edited an interdisciplinary arts and sciences journal for undergraduate writers at Athens; I began applying to MFA programs. I’ve recently graduated from the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell, and recently I have been working on small press publishing and teaching.

My writing spans various forms, from poetry and short fiction to academic writing and multimodal projects, including photo essays and online publications. I am especially interested in experimental forms. This is perhaps the best part of working in the Writing and Communication Center: the opportunity to work with my peers on writing and/or multimodal projects in a comfortable setting, a place without grades or red pen marks, a place to sit and talk about writing.