palios-portrait.jpgMajor: Culture, Literature and the Arts

I think writing should be fun and I love to help people find ways to both enjoy and improve their work. 

In 2001 I began my college career as a running start student in my junior year of high school.  Since then, I have taken many detours along my journey that have provided me with great experience and a diverse set of writing skills.  I’m thrilled to be completing my bachelor’s degree in Culture, Literature and the Arts at UWB as well as working in the WaCC to help fellow students with their writing.

My adventures include about a decade in the high-tech industry while simultaneously working as a freelance concert photographer.  My time in the corporate world taught me the importance of effective writing and communication, while my photography experience ignited me with a passion for the arts.  I ventured into journalism in 2008 with an article for Ars Technica and have since written several pieces for online and print publications.  As I continued to progress through my undergraduate studies in literature and cultural history, I was inspired to pursue creative writing in addition to my academic work.  I set out to write my first novel, Electric Love, in 2015 and had the pleasure of publishing it in May 2016.

In addition to writing and academia, I love to explore Seattle, go to shows and drink excessive amounts of coffee.  I’m also a voracious reader.  As often as possible, I like to get out of town and see different places and people.  

Did You Know?

Seventy percent of first-year students are from diverse backgrounds