neelepicture1.jpgMajor: Biology

As a kid, I used to sit by a basket of fruit in our living room and categorize them by color, shape, or whatever else I came up with. My sense of urgency for organization (as well as the pride I felt explaining my work to my confused parents) is what I believe led me to find a passion for writing.

Although I am currently pursuing a STEM degree, I am excited by all opportunities to learn and to share my own knowledge. I approach writing the same way I approached my fruit bowl – lots of diligent planning. I spend a lot of time intensely organizing ideas and details, this generates a solid understanding for my topic which translates as enthusiasm in my writing.

I love to collaborate with students in a way that not only helps them to further develop the piece they’re working on, but also encourages them to find genuine enthusiasm for their topic and for writing as a whole.

Outside of the WaCC I enjoy long distance running, as well as reading and watching documentaries. These hobbies stem directly from my drive to improve myself and strengthen my mind.

I believe writing is something that anyone can feel confident with and even enjoy, it just takes some time, patience and practice to organize all of the fruit in your basket.


Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell's 20,000 alumni live and work in the state of Washington.