Melissa Robinson, Peer Consultant

BA: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

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For me, staring at a blank piece of paper is the hardest part of writing. That blank paper symbolizes so many of my fears: What if I have no original ideas? What if there are people out there who could write this way better than me? What if no one understands what I want to say? I stare at the threatening emptiness of a blank page and see infinite possibilities- so many things I want to say, but so many possibilities of being misunderstood and misjudged.

This is how I end up on YouTube, or playing video games, or watching Netflix- doing anything and everything but writing. I can’t tell you how many distractions I’ve succumbed to just to avoid thinking about this bio, thinking about all of those “what-ifs,” about how badly I want to communicate my thoughts but how afraid I am of the judgment of others.

Constantly doubting my abilities can effectively kill my inspiration and erode my confidence, making it seem impossible to get anything worthwhile onto that blank page.

The key word here is “seem.” No matter how much it may seem to me that my ideas are of less worth than those of others, or that my attempts at communication will only result in people judging me negatively, it’s just not true.

We each have our own unique backgrounds and ideas, and because of this we can all learn from one another, and that is what gives us, and our words, value. This is why I’m excited to be here at the Writing and Communication Center. Together we can share our ideas, our communication styles, and our knowledge with one another to overcome self-doubt and grow as writers and communicators.

Those blank pages don’t stand a chance.

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