Jordan Smith, Lead Peer Consultant

B.A. Society, Ethics and Human Behavior

The days leading up to an assignment due date can often be accompanied by a familiar seductive foe: procrastination.  It whispers to you, “Let’s go have some fun, that assignment isn’t going anywhere.”  Before you know it the due date is banging on your door like a scorned lover, demanding to know who this “procrastination” is that you have been spending all your time with.  Now, that may seem a little dramatic, but it is certainly a problem that plagues a significant amount of my peers here at UWB.

Figuring out where to begin can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the writing process, so it’s no surprise that procrastination cozies its way into your plans.  I want to be a resource for you to fend off that old foe.  As a Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior major I think about a wide range of issues, discuss ideas with my peers, and write, a lot.  When I’m stuck, collaborating with my peers is a catalyst for creativity that really brings my ideas to life.  Sometimes all you need is an ear and a little help organizing your thoughts.

As a peer consultant I want to help you work through anything that may hinder your writing process.  Whether you are prone to procrastination, need assistance understanding what an assignment is asking of you, or just feeling stuck, I am here for you.