Jessica Manfredi, Peer Consultant

Picture-WACC-3.jpgMajors: Global Studies and Law, Economics, and Public Policy
Minor: Spanish

Growing up in Brazil, my writing exuded the beauty and musicality of the Portuguese language. My poetic and rhythmic abilities were not of much help, however, when I immigrated to the United States to attend school. Learning how to reprogram my brain to write in English was rather unnerving, to say the least. As a perfectionist, I wanted my organization, flow, sentence structure – and the scariest of it all, grammar – to be flawless all at once. I would spend hours trying to painfully piece together all of these parts in a single attempt: my first draft was my only draft. This method, naturally, became not only overwhelming but simply counterproductive. English was this gigantic monster I tried slaying alone and with one strike.

That’s when coming to the WaCC saved me. I realized I could tackle English by breaking it down into smaller, manageable parts. Along the way, I discovered my passion for research writing and joined the Policy Journal Editorial Board. I truly fell in love with writing all over again and was able to use the power of words to express myself in a completely different way (i.e. in a whole new language). At one point I was standing right where you are, reading consultants’ bios and wondering if I could ever become, at the very minimum, an okay writer.

Now as a Peer Consultant, I want to empower students like you to convey and organize your ideas. With the right tools, hard work, and perseverance, there is no writing assignment (from a personal statement to a 20-page research paper) you cannot successfully complete.