Jessica Khaskheli, Peer Consultant

jessica1.jpgMajor: Environmental Science

I bloom through artistic expression. Although I can’t always paint my thoughts, I write about them. Whether it’s journaling to stay sane, scribbling ideas down on sticky notes, or typing long musings into the “Notes” section of my phone, words turn my world. It’s an endless realm of possibility, and the power that our words hold will always leave me in silent wonderment.
Writing is invaluable when I’m backpacking overseas. While traveling, you’re exposed to cultures, traditions or mannerisms which shake your preconceptions and make you want to sit down, put pencil to paper, and make sense of all of it. The moments I love most are the ones that lead you back to look through your journal entries and reflect. Apart from using writing as a tool for contemplation, I find myself using prose to educate others on social issues. It’s easy to detach ourselves from the world’s problems. Passion bleeds into the paper when you care about changing the world, and the reader can detect that immediately. Your words can snap anything into perspective, because every writer has the power to ignite something in a reader that wasn’t there before.
I’m truly elated to be a part of the Writing and Communication Center. I understand that the act of writing is not always straightforward; it’s mysterious and ambitious, even irritating at times. To be involved in shaping a piece of writing is a privilege all in itself, and I’m happy to support you through your writing journey.