Henri Broussard, Peer Consultant

Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

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When told that he had failed ten thousand times while trying to make a light bulb, Thomas Edison responded by explaining that he had not failed even once, but rather he had learned ten thousand ways to not make a light bulb. My personal writing philosophy follows the same school of thought.

I’ve written papers that were too long, too short, overly focused on one topic, or not focused on any. I’ve made countless errors and mistakes, but I have never failed to write a paper. To me, the only way to fail in writing is to not write at all. Even a poorly written paper can teach one a lot about writing, because it can help one see what to avoid or fix in the future. I hope to be able to share the lessons I’ve learned from my challenges and successes as a writer, and to help others grow as writers.

I love all forms of writing, but research writing and persuasive essays are among my favorites. As a biology major and pre-med hopeful, research writing has become the norm in my academic life. I’ve always believed that writing provides us with an amazing opportunity to share our opinions and ideas, especially for those of us that may not be the best public speakers. Not every piece of writing has to change the world, but they can all be great, and great writing, no matter how small, will always make an impact.