About Us

Karen Rosenberg

"Welcome to the Writing and Communication Center! This is your space and we hope you'll visit us often, let us know how we're helping you on  your   learning journey at University of Washington Bothell, and how we can work with you even more effectively..."

Click here to view Erik's profileErik Echols

"After I completed my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, I took every opportunity I could to immerse myself in writing center praxis..."


Senior Lead Consultants

Travis.jpgTravis Sharp
MFA: Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English and Drama, Athens State University

"For years as a student writing was simply there, a thing to be done, like taking out the trash or microwaving leftovers..."

Laura Burgher
MFA: Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: Anthropology, Minor in English/Writing

"I earnestly believe that writing, and more importantly, the thinking behind writing, can change the world..."


Lead Peer Consultants

Gwyn Boyer
Major: School Psychology Educational Specialist
BA: Community Psychology

"I feel that the writing process can be similar to how I learned cursive writing..."


Kathleen Sundet

"By far the thing that I enjoy most about writing is finding an idea and shaping it so that others can understand me and where I am coming from..."


Peer Consultants

amandaPic.jpgAmanda Hurtado
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English, University of Utah

"I’ve always more or less thought of myself as a writer, not because I won a contest when I was a kid, or because I think I’m especially good at it, but for the simple fact that I love to write..."

ashleyPic.jpgAshley Potter
Major: American and Ethnic Studies

"When a dialogue between two people opens around writing, the roles of learner and educator are interchangeable. The learner can become the educator and the educator can become the learner..."


Ayva.jpgAyva Thomas
Major: Community Psychology

"As I went through middle school I noticed that all of my English teachers provided me with contradictory information about writing..."

brent.PNGBrent Cox
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English, University of Southern California

"Society emerges from our ability to cogently communicate..."


Corbin Bugni
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: Culture, Literature, and the Arts

"I began writing around age 13 when I realized language was a form of music..."

Evan Gilbert
Major: Law, Economics, and Public Policy

"In writing, in throwing my thoughts on the page, the stars begin to align..."

Henri Broussard
Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

"To me, the only way to fail in writing is to not write at all..."


jack-bio.jpgJack Ramirez

"Writing is often the bane of a student’s existence. However, it is with writing that we even begin to make sense of the world around us..."

Click her to view Katie's profileKatie Knutson
Major: Business Administration

"I didn’t come into college thinking that I was a fabulous writer..."

Kristoffer Warren
Major: Business Administration

"I have always viewed writing as a way for us to share our imagination with one another, turning intangible thoughts into visual works..."

Kyle Piper
Major: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

"The English language is terrifying. I've been around it since the day I was born..."


Melissa Robinson
BA: Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior

"We each have our own unique backgrounds and ideas, and because of this we can all learn from one another..."

Michelle.jpgMichelle Fessler
Major: Media and Communication Studies
Minor: Creative Writing

"Growing up, my love of reading turned into a curiosity about writing..."

Navee Kaur
Majors: Biology and Chemistry

"you can always come back and edit a messy and scrambled paper; but it can be hard to remember a lost thought..."


Shana.pngShana McDonald
Major: MA in Cultural Studies
AFA: Fine Art Photography, Everett Community College
BA: Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, UW Seattle

"Your personal story and your embodied knowledge can be a powerful tool to augment and ignite the writer within you..."

tracy.jpgTracy Gregory
Major: MFA Creative Writing and Poetics
BA: English with an emphasis in Creative Writing

"Writing is a lot like barfing..."


victoriaPic.jpgVictoria Wettmarshausen
Major: Master of Arts in Cultural Studies
BA: English Literature, Hamburg University

"Although my native language is German, I have always had a strong passion for English and other languages. Learning how to write and communicate in them opens new perspectives to the world..."