Tuition & Fees

Paying Tuition

Tuition Statements

Your official University of Washington tuition statement is online, no bills will be mailed. You will receive an email each quarter when your statement is ready. You can customize your Ebillings, Privacy settings and online access.

UW Guide on Tuition Statements

Payments must be received at the UW Bothell Cashiers Office by 5:00pm on the tuition due date or by 4:00pm in the drop boxes.  Payments received after the due date will be subject to late charges and/or holds on your academic records.

Payment by Web Check or Credit Card

Web check (no service fee) and credit card (service fee applies) payments can be made online through your MyUW account

Payment by Cash or Personal Check or in person*

In an effort to promote student safety and in alignment with UW Seattle policy, UW Bothell Cashier's Office no longer accepts cash payments greater than $500.00. Personal checks and cashiers/bank checks will still be accepted at the Cashier's Office.

In Person

You may pay by cash or Personal check at the Cashier's Office in Husky Hall or at one of two drop boxes on campus.  Payments dropped by 3:00pm on business days will be processed the same day.  Additional pick-ups will occur at 4:00 pm during Tuition due date week.  Personal check payments only for amounts over $500.

Drop Box Locations:

  1. UW1 - main lobby on the promenade level
  2. Husky Hall – main entrance lobby by Cashiers Office

By Mail

Do not send cash. Write your student number on your check. If your name is not printed on the check, please write your name on the check so your tuition account will be properly credited.

UWB Cashier's Office
BOX 358544
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Payment using Short-term loan program

University of Washington students may be able to borrow a Short-term loan for tuition, books, or other expenses if they:

  • Are registered in regular credit-earning classes in the UW Student Database
  • Do not have an outstanding short-term loan
  • Have a good repayment record on any prior short-term loan(s) (no more than two late payments)
  • Have a means of repayment by the next quarter

Payments by other means

  • Academic Student Employee
  • Government or Private Sponsored Students and Private Scholarship Funds
  • Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) 
  • Tuition Exemptions and Reductions

UW Guide on Paying Tuition

International Student Payment Options

Flywire is a trusted university partner that specializes in processing international tuition payments. Operating in 220 countries and territories, Flywire cooperates with international banks to offer payment solutions for students at U.S. universities. You will be able to login to your Flywire account, at any time, to track the progress of your payment and you will also be notified via email when your payment is received by the University of Washington.

The University of Washington has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate wire transfer payments from a non-U.S. bank account. This payment option allows you to pay your student account balance in a number of currencies, provides a secure way of initiating payments electronically and incorporates pertinent student information to ensure timely crediting of the payment to the student’s bill.

Global Pay Portal

ACH/Wire Payments (International Students Only)

If would like to pay by wire transfer please contact to obtain the banking information. Please ensure that you include the UW student’s full name, student number, and invoice (if applicable) in the wire. For International students and sponsors, we recommend FlyWire or Western Union as a more reliable method to make your payment.

How Payments are Applied

Payments are applied to charges on your tuition account in order of the charge due dates, as a rule. For charges with the same due date, payments are applied first to tuition and related University fees, then to other charges on your account. You may request that a payment be applied to a specific charge when paying in person at the UW Seattle Student Fiscal Services Office.