Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Collaborative Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research program offers $2000 research grants

Collaborative Undergraduate Research at the UW Bothell supports the campus mission and values of innovative curricula, creative involvement in scholarly production, respectful appreciation of diverse perspectives and lifelong learning. We will accomplish this by creating a flexible and responsive framework to enhance collaborations among faculty, staff, students and others by communicating research opportunities and providing research skills training.

Faculty who have engaged student collaborators in their research can help identify appropriate areas of research in which to work with students, design the approach the faculty researcher will take and specify the particular skills students will need to acquire. The Teaching and Learning Center supports collaborative undergraduate research that:

  • Provides opportunities for student learning through shared inquiry, with opportunities for students to have joint or sole authorship of publications or presentations
  • Where possible, involves a small cohort of students, rather than a single student

If you have current students in mind who can work with you, we encourage you to use them in your funded work. If not, we will provide information and recruit students to your projects. The final decision about which students work with you will, of course, be yours. We also anticipate that our recruitment process will enable us to identify interested students even for projects not funded through our grants.

The grant cycle for 2010-11 is over, but applications for 2011-12 will be available in late summer.

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