Teaching and Learning Symposium Lunch Workshop

2012 Teaching and Learning Symposium

A luncheon conversation to foster learning and teaching research

Sponsored by Teaching and Learning Center, Center for University Studies & Programs, Office of Academic Affairs

Discussion Leader: Professor Dan Jacoby, Ph.D.,  IAS

Date : Thursday, April 26, 2012  •  11:45 - 12:45 p.m.

Location: UW1-103

Ever wonder why learning and teaching get less play than traditional research? We’ll discuss University of Pennsylvania College of Education Dean Marvin Lazerson’s ideas. Lazerson is a historian whose insights have been developed over a long career writing about vocational and general education. We’ll use the conversation to explore possibilities for creating our own agendas to build a new scholarship of teaching and learning.

We’ll start with 3 specific ideas, but will open the floor for other concepts.

Possibility #1 Create a clinic for teaching to produce a case book defining and exploring our teaching challenges.

Possibility #2 Develop an on-going workshop to explore the literature and scholarship on learning.

Possibility # 3 Conduct a faculty led investigation that profiles how learning looks to our students over the four years they are here at UWB.

We'll discuss Chapter 5 “American Disciplines, Research Imperatives and Undergraduate Learning" from Marvin Lazerson’s book, Higher Education, and the American Dream: Success and its Discontents.

Reading materials can be picked up after you submit your RSVP.

For questions regarding this workshop and reading materials, please contact Dan Jacoby, jacoby@uw.edu



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