Annual Symposium - Scholarship for Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Session I Brockhaus et al

Enhancing Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Andreas Brockhausm, MA (Director, Learning Technologies, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences), Carol Leppa, Ph.D. (Professor, UWB Nursing) David Goldstein, Ph.D. (Director, TLC), Rebecca Bliquez, M.L.S. (HCDI Coordinator and Librarian, UWB/CCC Library), Ian Porter, MA (Learning Technologies Specialist, UWB Information Technologies)

Hybrid (blended) learning, in which typically 30‐70% of a course is online, is rapidly showing itself as an innovative elearning approach that can demonstrably enhance teaching and learning, transforming the classroom and student learning. Research from the University of Central Florida, the University of Houston and others has shown that combining online learning with face‐to‐face instruction leads to higher student success rates in many cases. Essentially, blended learning allows faculty and students to take advantage of the best of both learning environments. Having some required in‐person sessions retains the important cohort or sense of connection for students. Conducting a percentage of the course in the online environment retains the self‐scheduling participation and can provide increased access and sustained collaboration. The additional pedagogical benefits include democratization of the classroom in giving equal voice time to all student participants, including English Language Learners – if the online coursework is handled well. The face‐to‐face component can also buffer the transition to online learning that many students experience.

To help UWB faculty further explore how hybrid learning could transform their teaching, a Hybrid Course Development Institute (HCDI) was developed by Carol Leppa, Andreas Brockhaus, David Goldstein and Rebecca Bliquez. The HCDI was held during fall quarter and helped 11 faculty members develop hybrid courses. For the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium, we’d like to share information about the HCDI, best practices on hybrid learning, and assessment data on hybrid learning’s impact on UWB students.


Andreas Brockhaus; Director of Learning Technologies; UWB IT;; 425‐352‐5393
Carol Leppa, Professor; UWB Nursing;; 425‐352‐5325
David Goldstein; Director, Teaching & Learning Center and Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences; ;; 425‐352‐5378
Rebecca Bliquez; HCDI Coordinator and Librarian; UWB/CCC Library;; 425‐352‐5346
Ian Porter; Learning Technologies Specialist; Learning Technologies, UWB IT;; 425‐352‐3794